• The Joy of the Village

    Now on display in Carnoustie Health Centre

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About Us

Founded in 1981, Carnoustie Art Society is a local institution and has provided inspiration and support to many artists over the years.

Prior to the pandemic members had been meeting in Carnoustie Bowling Club which provides a bright spacious working environment. Workshops and demonstrations were held during the year as detailed in the sylllabus of 2019. These were well attended and provided an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. The aim of Carnoustie Art Society is to develop creativity and promote art in all it's forms. 

An annual exhibition is normally held in Autumn every year. 2020 saw the first ever online exhibition which can be accessed via the link on the home page. 


Carnoustie Art Society Committee

Admin: Erika Bacsa

Treasurer and Holder of Membership list: Gail Gilbert

Exhibition Lead and second signatory on account: Nancy Don

Web-site admin: Wendy Murray