Carnoustie Art Society

Founded in 1981, Carnoustie Art Society has now been in existance for more than 30 years and continues to grow from strength to strength with our main session commencing in September and finishing at the end of May.

The Art Society meets in the Art Department at Carnoustie High School. More details will be provided for the 2018/19 session which begins in September 2018.

Approximately four workshops and two demonstrations are held per year by well known local artists such as Ethel Mary Webster, Jim Dunbar, Fiona Haldane, Alfred Alan and others. We are also lucky enough to have artists from further afield such as Gina Wright, Liz Yule and Jean Martin. These demonstrations are well attended and we are able to listen and learn from the artists who give these demonstrations. There are a variety of subjects and mediums covered and there are opportunities to ask questions and pick up useful tips which aid learning and and help us to develop indivdual styles and medium of painting.The aim is to promote  creativity within the group and develop art in all it's forms. 

An annual exhibition is held at the beginning of November every year and we are grateful to all who support our club in this event with the sale of many paintings.

We hold get-together events during the year for people to meet up and  also a Christmas night social evening with a Christmas card competition. In January  a restart lunch is held to launch the start of the new year session. All activities can be viewed on our syllabus page.


Carnoustie Art Society Committee

Wet Spaniel by Rosie Peters. Pastel.

President: Richard Gibson

Secreatry: Rosie Peters

Exhibition Lead: Nancy Don

Treasurer: Gail Gilbert