• Dance of Passion by Erika Bacsa

  • Window Dressing by Rosie Peters

2019/20 Syllabus

2019 Syallbus

Please note that as of 01 April 2019 the Art Society no longer meet at Carnoustie High School. All sessions are currently held in the Carnoustie Co-op. A group meet on Tuesday afternoon to do some art work in the community room. Please ensure that you bring suitable protective covers to keep tables clean- Thank you

2018 Syllabus





Thursday 11 Jan

Restart Lunch

Corner Hotel Carnoustie

Sheila McCluskie

Thursday 15 Feb


Art of Drawing People - Acrylic

Rachael Kibbler

Sat 24 Feb


People - Acrylic

Rachael Kibbler

Thurs 22 March


Equestrian Art

Lindsey Mather

Sat 24 March


Equestrian Art

Lindsey Mather

Thurs 19 April


Clouds - Oils

Kate Cunningham

Sat 28 April


Clouds - Oils

Kate Cunningham

Thurs 22 May


 Carnoustie Co-op 2pm


Syllabus 2017/18

Syllabus 2016/17

September 2016

Thursday 15th




Thursday 22nd

Demo – Lindsay Mathers, Equestrian Drawings



Thursday 27th


Talk and slides by Peter Flynn. My Style of Looking at life


Saturday 29th

Workshop – Peter Flynn, Acrylics


November 2016

5th  -19th


EXHIBITION – Carnoustie Library


Thursday 17th

Demo Lynda Marshall – Sea to Sky Starting with soft pastels


Saturday 26th

Workshop, Lynda Marshall, Pastels


December 2016



Thursday 15th

Last evening and Christmas card competition (2 cards)


January 2017

Thursday 12th


Restart lunch


Thursday 19th

Talk and slides by Donald Ford – Photographer, Images of Scotland


February 2017

Thursday 23rd

Storytelling by Ken Johnson. Also, feature painting in the style of Beryl Cook (1 entry)


Saturday 25th

Workshop, Ethel Mary Webster, Landscapes


March 2017

Thursday 23


Demo – Avril Cunningham, Golden Mediums


Saturday 25th

Workshop, Avril Cunningham. Working with Golden Mediums


April 2017

Thursday 20th


Demo, Alan Perera, Watercolour – A busy Townscape


Saturday 22nd

Workshop, Alan Perera – Oils or Acrylics painting on glassware and reflected surfaces


May 2017

Thursday 27th

AGM  7pm 



Syllabus 1215/16

January 2016

Thursday 14th restart lunch

Thursday 28th Jan Demo - Rachael Kibbler, Portraits

Sat 30th Workshop - Rachael Kibbler

February 2016

Sat 20th Workshop - Jonathon Mitchell, Drawing

Thursday 25th February Fun night - Feature painting Landscape 5" x 7" any medium

March 2016 

Thursday 24th Demo - Sylvia Troon - Puppets and Storytelling

Saturday 26th Workshop - Ian Ritchie - Mixed Media

April 2016

Thursday 28th - Demo Ozzzie Paesano, Persepctives

Saturday 30th Workshop - Ozzie Peasano

May 2016

Thursday 19th Demo - Sheena Young, Stained Glass

Thursday 26th - AGM




September 2015

Thursday 10th September  -  Enrolment

Thursday 17th September  -  Demo, Robert Jackson Oils

October 2015

Thursday 22nd October, Demo - Lindsay Mathers, Equestrian Drawings

Sat 24th October, Workshop - Douglas Ralston, Acrylics

November 2015

7 - 21 EXHIBITION - Carnoustie Library

Thursday 26th November, Demo - Lesley Cowley, Pastels and mixed media

Sat 28th November, Workshop, Lesley Cowley

December 2015

Thursday 10th December last evening and Christmas Cards


Syllabus 2014/15

January 2015

Thursday 15th January -  Restart lunch

Thursday 29th January - Jackie Gardiner - Acrylics her way

Saturday 14th February - Workshop - Gina Wright - Pastels

Thursday 5th March - Demo - Ossie Paesana - Portraits

Saturday 7th March - Workshop, Ossie Paesana- Exercise in drawing people

Tuesday 24th March - Demo Liz Yule - waterclours

Thursday 2nd April - Fun night - painting in style of impressionists

Thursday 23rd Demo - Ethel Mary webster - Watercolours

Saturday 25th April - Workshop - Ethel Mary Webster, Acrylics/Watercolour


Thursday 14th May - Demo - Peter Flynn - Intro to abstract


Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th May - Mini Exhibition - Open days


Thursday 28th May AGM


Tuesday 16th June - Summer outing


Thursday 25th September 2014 - Demo - Alison MacLeod, Botanical Painting

Thursday 23rd October Demo - Liz Petrie, Acrylic Adventure

Saturday 25th October 2014 - Workshop - Liz Petrie, Acrylics


1st - 15th November 2014 EXHIBITION Carnoustie Library

Thursday 27th November - Demo - Jonathon Mitchell - Acrylics

Saturday 6th December  - Jonathon Mitchell - Acrylics


Thursday 11th December - Last Evening of year - Christmas Card Competition



Syllabus 2013-14

Demos start 7.30pm/Workshops 10am

September 2013
Thurs 5      Enrolment
Thurs 26    Demo  - Ken Bushe - Outdoor painting in oils

Thurs  24  Demo - Jim Dunbar - Watercolours   - Meet in his studio, 21 Lochty St

Sat 26       Workshop - Ethel Mary Webster 

                 Flowers Watercolour or Acrylic


9 - 23         Exhibition Carnoustie Library Tues  19    Daytime visit to McManus Gallery     

                  Albert Square (1.30)
Sat  30      W/Shop -  Rikki Craig, Acrylics


Thurs 12     Last Night - Get Together            Xmas Card Competition

January 2014
Thurs 16      Restart Lunch

Thurs 30      Demo - Derek Robertson  

                    Wildlife artist

Sat 1            W/shop - Fiona Haldane - Pastels

Sat 22          W/shop - Eddie Lange - Acrylics

Thurs 27      Fun Night - In the style of  "Cubism"

Thurs 27      Demo - Alfred Allan - Acrylics

Sat 29          W/shop – A  Allan - Acrylics

Thurs 24      Demo - Jackie Gardiner - Acrylics

Thurs 15      Demo - Nichola Martin - Charcoal

Sat 17         W/shop - Nichola Martin Charcoal

23 – 26        Mini Exhibition in YM

Thurs 29       A G M

Tues 17th     Summer Outing to Braemar

August         Flower Show

August 23     East Haven 800 Exhibition

Carnoustie Art Society Syllabus 2012/13

St Ive's. Sheila Stiif. Watercolour

Sat Oct 13th - Workshop - Jennifer Robson - Drawing-Having fun
Thurs Oct 25th - Demo - Ethel Mary Webster - Flowers and acrylic
November 3rd - 17th - Exhibition
Thurs Nov 8th Demo - Valerie Shuff- Portraits oil
Sat Nov 24th Workshop -Ethel Mary Webster Flowers - landscapes
Thurs Dec 6th - last night get-together and Christmas card comp
Thurs Jan 17th - rest...
art lunch
Thurs Jan 24th - Demo Frank McDiarmid - caricatures
Sat Feb 9th - Workshop - Val Shuff
Thurs Feb 28th - Theme Night - David Hockney
Thurs March 21st - Demo - Alfred Allan - Acrylic
Sat March 23rd - Workshop - Alfred Allan - Acrylic
Thurs April 25th Demo-Sylvia Troon - puppets/storyteller
Sat April 27th - Workshop Rikki Craig - Still life - pastels
Sat May 18th Workhop I Ritchie - Acrylics
Thurs May 29th AGM and close
June- summer outing