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Website 9. Jan, 2019


Beautiful web design.

Website 26. Nov, 2018


Excellent website designer.

Website 1. Jun, 2018


What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!

Website 3. Mar, 2018


I love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.

Website 27. Jul, 2017


You are very generous in sharing so much info about an understanding that is very simple, yet, may be hard to grasp for a very tired mind, nice work!

22. Jul, 2017

joyce ptaszek

Would love to attend workshops, demonstrations as a visitor. I live in Montrose so cannot attend as full member.

Website 23. May, 2017


Glad to visit your site.

Website 15. Apr, 2017


There is no match when it comes to your website.

Website 1. Feb, 2017


You have reached high level of writing an interesting articles. You are one off my best blogger!

Website 18. Jan, 2017


Thank you for sharing.

7. Apr, 2013

Diane Reid

Great gallery, lovely paintings. Especially loved the paintings by Andree Ritchie.

4. Apr, 2013

Rob H

Googled Rosie Peters as I bought a Glencoe Oil at Dunkeld in 2011. I like to know a little artist biography or history if I can. Anyway here I am at your lovely website. Congratulations - so pleased to see such an active Society.
Two small suggestions
if I may. If trying to sell from the Gallery include the overall size and never skimp on the frame. Your quality work always deserves a good frame.
How talented you all are.

20. Jan, 2013

Debbie Hutchison

Lovely pictures! What a talented bunch

14. Jan, 2013


Hi and Happy New Year! I found this site via Facebook and have enjoyed browsing over your news and lovely images. Jackie