Erika M. Bacsa

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1948. My family and I left Hungary during the 1956 Uprising, settled in Belgium, and in 1964 we immigrated to South Africa.

After matriculating at Johannesburg Girls High School, with Art as a subject, I worked as a Tracer/Draughtswoman for numerous engineering companies. Other than school, I had no formal training in any form of art.

In 2005 my husband and I retired to Port Alfred, Eastern Cape. I then joined the Port Alfred Art Club in August 2010 and started art lessons with well-known Zimbabwean Artist, Dieuwie Holthuysen in 2011. Subsequently, I had a few lessons with Brian Hammond to expand my knowledge of other artist’s approaches, ideas, styles, brush stokes, etc…

In the beginning, my style was more finely detailed, but now enjoy a much looser, relaxed, expressionistic style and approach to my subjects. The use of the palette knife has been a very new challenge too.

My medium of preference is working with oils, but have done previous works in pencils, pastels and acrylics and I enjoy painting a variety of subjects.

In December 2017, I moved to Scotland, and joined the Carnoustie Art Society in 2018.

I have sold a number of paintings, had several commissions, and taken part in numerous local group art exhibitions in the Eastern and Western Cape Art Galleries as well as in Carnoustie.